Hot Tub Wiring

Hot tubs are a little more involved but with some guidance you will be able to accomplish this task. Start off by figuring out what type of electrical panel you have so that you purchase the appropriate breaker. If you don’t have enough room in your panel you may need to purchase twin breakers to get the extra space needed in your panel. 

Hot tubs require a means of disconnect inside the house and a disconnect outside (no more than 10 feet from the hot tub). Hot tubs require a 50 amp feed so you will have to get a 50 amp two pole breaker for inside of your house and you need a 50 amp two pole GFCI breaker outside in a weather proof housing. 

The electrical supply house will have 50 amp GFCI breaker and the weather proof housing in one and that is what I suggest buying. From the electrical panel to the disconnect by the hot tub you will need a 50 amp feeder wire so use #6-4 aluminum for that. 

The hot tub specifications will probably require you to use copper wire for the tub itself. So use #8 THHN copper wire to go from the disconnect to the tub and your going to put the two #8 hot feeds, one #8 neutral, and 1 #10 ground wire in a piece of electrical nonmetallic tubing to protect the wires from damage. 

Now that you ran all of the wires it’s time to hook them up.  For the panel inside snap the two pole breaker in, hook the two hot wires to the breaker, the neutral and ground wire to the ground and neutral bars. 

In the disconnect by the hot tub make sure that the neutral and grounding bars are not touching then hook the two power wires to the GFCI breaker, the neutral wire to the neutral bar, and the ground wire to the grounding bar. There will be a hot tub electrical schematic inside of the electrical compartment, this will show you where your power feeds will hook up to.  

You might get done reading this and think that you can't handle something like this, and how much could I expect to pay for a job like this? Well depending on your location and the placement of the hot tub, you can expect to pay between $650-$900. These prices do not include any underground trenching that might be needed or any abnormal situations. Most all electrical contractors will come out and give a free quote so don't be afraid to call one near you.

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