This site was designed to instruct home owners how to do miscellaneous electrical jobs around the house and avoid paying top dollar for an electrical contractor.  In this site I teach you how to do your own electrical wiring.  Some of the jobs that I will help you with are:

  • Hot Tub Electrical
  • Security Lighting (Outdoor)
  • Accent Lighting
  • Recessed Lighting
  • Replacing plugs
  • Replacing Switches

I will help you with several other electrical jobs as well.  If you have any other electrical questions or an electrical code question, send me an e-mail and I will return with an answer in 24 hours.

I am a licensed journeyman electrician and have several years of experience.  I am highly experienced in residential electrical wiring, commercial electrical and industrial electrical. I have wired several houses, was the foreman for many commercial buildings, and a few large industrial shops.

Some of the benefits that you as a home owner get for choosing this site are:

  • Free electrical advice
  • I will respond to all electrical code questions within 24 hours
  • I will teach you step by step how do your own electrical

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*This website does not assume liability for any damages/incidents that may occur when attempting any electrical job referenced on this website. This website is for informational purposes only.


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